Medication Packaging Systems for Residents

IMS Pharmacy understands the importance of changing with the times to meet the current needs of your residents. For convenience and safety, we offer multiple packaging options, including unit-dose, multi-dose, and resident self-administer packaging.
  • Unit-Dose Packaging: Also known as “Blister Card” packaging, unit-dose packaging is available in 28-day, 30-day, and 31-day supplies.

  • Multi-Dose Packaging: Conveniently, multi-dose packaging provides the majority of medications in one signal-dose package that is organized by time and date for a one-month period.

  • Resident Self-Administer Packaging: IMS understands that some residents will want to administer their own medications.  Self-administer packaging consists of bottles or blister card packaging.

Triple Checking for Deficiency-Free Medication Delivery

Through state-of-the-art robotics and a highly trained team based in North Central Florida, we locally package and deliver the most compatible solutions and options for your facility.  Our meticulous system for triple checking all medications supports our goal to provide deficiency-free delivery.

As your preferred pharmacy, IMS also offers facilities an array of staff education classes and comprehensive training to support accurate medication administration. Learn more about Training and Classes available through IMS.


Contact our dedicated customer service representatives to learn about the packaging systems and options that could best serve your residents. The IMS Team looks forward to answering your questions.