Resident-Focused & Readily Available

North Central Florida facilities partner with IMS Pharmacy to save valuable time and reduce frustration through our all-inclusive pharmacy services.  In addition to daily deliveries and rapid support, IMS Pharmacists and Team Members believe in fostering long-lasting relationships with our partner facilities, staff, residents, families, and the community of local healthcare providers. We believe these personal and clinician relationships help facilitate faster response times and better outcomes for residents.


Only pay for medication. No hidden fees, and no monthly charges.

  • OPEN 7 Days a Week with Daily Deliveries

    The IMS Team delivers medications on a daily basis, including evening routes and same-day deliveries. Couriers work to ensure timely delivery of emergency medications to meet the needs of your residents.

  • Emergency Pharmacist Access 24/7

    IMS Pharmacists are available all day — every day – to answer questions, provide solutions, and fulfill requests. A dedicated on-call pharmacist is prepared to support you during an emergency.

  • Pre-Survey Medication Audits

    IMS provides complimentary audits to help facilities stay in compliance. Conveniently, an IMS Pharmacist will personally come to your facility to help prepare you for a medication audit.

  • Assistance with Obtaining Refills

    The IMS Team includes highly trained pharmacy technicians and state-of-the-art ordering processes.  Diligently, we work to obtain refill orders, including follow up and follow through to ensure residents never go without necessary medications.

  • Streamlined Monthly Medication Cycle

    The monthly medication cycle includes delivery and check-in by an IMS Pharmacy Team Member to optimize time and streamline reorders. Notably, this allows your staff more time to focus on residents.

  • Secure Deliveries and Onsite Support

    An IMS Pharmacy Team Member will deliver the monthly medication cycle in locked totes.  When requested, we are happy to sit down with your staff, discuss the medications, and answer any questions.

  • Customized Packaging Systems

    IMS offers multiple packaging options, including unit-dose packaging, multi-dose packaging, and resident self-administer packaging.  Learn more about the most compatible options for your Packaging Systems.

  • Upscale Medication Carts

    IMS provides state-of-the-art medication carts, including high-quality functions, locked box or drawer for narcotics, 3-part container to store cups and other items, as well as a locked sharps container.

  • Pre-Printed MORs, POSs and Control Count Logs

    IMS provides pre-printed MORs that are color coded, Physician Order Sheets (POSs) designed to promote efficiency and save valuable time, and Control Count logs to help keep staff in compliance.

  • MOR Systems and Support

    IMS supports most major electronic MOR systems, and we will explore interfacing with new electronic MOR systems to support your unique community.  Learn more about MOR Support.

  • Detailed Side-Effect Sheets

    IMS can provide detailed Side-Effect Sheets with comprehensive medication information and interactions for review. These sheets are complimentary and provided when requested by the facility or physician.

  • Most Major Insurances Accepted + Medicare + Medicaid

    IMS accepts most major insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid. We strive to keep pricing as competitive as possible, and our team stays readily available to answer any billing-related questions. In certain situations, we may also contract with new insurance providers to support your residents.

  • Comprehensive Training

    IMS supports our partner facilities with comprehensive programs and staff training to meet regulatory requirements and promote accurate medication administration. Learn more about Training and Classes.

  • Convenience and Flexibility

    IMS Pharmacy conveniently offers full-service solutions as a Preferred Pharmacy Provider; however, residents may also choose to maintain a relationship with another pharmacy outside the IMS family.


IMS Pharmacy is family owned and locally operated in North Central Florida. Contact IMS for your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION to discuss your best options for customized pharmacy services.